Essential Oil Dryer

Essential Oil Dryer

The salient features of this device are the ability to dry, extract essential oils and produce distillates simultaneously, low cost of the device, high concentration of essential oils obtained, maintaining the efficiency of raw materials along with the production of essential oils of fruits and herbs in Iran, Equipped with smart thermometer and hygrometer sensors and the possibility of controlling the device with smartphones.
Every year, a large amount of horticultural and agricultural products are wasted due to the lack of proper response for storage and abundance. Existence of conversion industries and creating a line design of fruit and medicinal plants chips can be a good answer to this issue.

In addition to drying fruits and vegetables, the essential oil dryer allows the buyer to produce distillates and essential oils. Essential oils and their compounds independently and independently in various industries including perfumery (preparation of colognes, various perfumes and sprays), health (preparation of fragrances, improvement of toothpaste, preparation of soaps, creams and disinfectants), food (preparation of syrups) , Lemon juice, soft drinks, sweets), chemical (preparation of solvents, reagents, foaming agents) are used. On the other hand, the use of Brexit herbal infusions is not covered.
Ardabil Machine-Building Essential Dryer does not have similar domestic and foreign models and is made and offered in capacities of 500 kg, one ton and two tons, depending on the customer’s needs.

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